Basic Training for Church Pianists

A systematic approach to learning the skills that every church pianist needs to know

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You may not be the best pianist in the world. You may not even be the best pianist in your church. But you should be striving to do your very best every time you have a chance to serve in the music ministry. This course will give you the tools you need to have the confidence to play to the best of your ability!

With a combination of text and video classes, you can work through a church service from prelude to postlude. Work through each lecture at your own pace with lifetime access to the content!

Questions? Please email nicole@churchpianist.cc

I am fairly new at playing piano full time for our Church. I was put in the position as a need. I play mostly by chords. I have learned many great tips in playing for congregational. The videos and helps in transitioning from one key to another has been most valuable. I play for church but I want my music not to be boring. I have learned several ways to make the music more exciting. I am practicing all the time and will be replaying the videos and rereading lessons to continue to grow into a better piano player for our Church. Thank-you so much Nicole. I have used almost everything you taught right away. I am a better piano player because of the time you gave. The lessons were very practical and most valuable. -Heather Pridemore, Pastor's wife

I have really enjoyed using The Church Pianist course. I’ve been playing for our church for 15 years and there were several good concepts that I learned through this course. The videos were especially helpful in showing the specifics of playing different styles of hymns.I appreciated the way Nicole explained the concepts.She reviewed information, but also gave new ideas on how to play in different ways to enhance the church service.I highly recommend this course for beginners as well as seasoned pianists. -Faith Krauss, church pianist

I thoroughly enjoyed working through this course. It was a good refresher in a some areas and it was challenging and helpful in other areas. The lesson that offered hymn improvisation tips & tricks was especially helpful to me. I also really enjoyed the lesson that taught us how to seamlessly modulate between songs during a prelude. These two specific areas will still require some time and practice on my part, but this course offered me the knowledge and even some motivation to do better. Being away from constant, weekly piano lessons, it’s easy for me to become complacent and just accept where I am as a pianist without trying to grow or learn more. God desires me to be excellent in all I do for Him, which is exactly Who I’m serving when I play in any capacity at church. Thank you for this helpful course that reinvigerate me to push past complacency and try new things when I have the opportunity to play piano. -Jamie Rench, staff, Calvary Baptist Church, Temecula

Your Instructor

Nicole Burkholder
Nicole Burkholder

Nicole is the church pianist for Calvary Baptist Church in Temecula, CA. She has been playing for the church as well as teaching private lessons for over 25 years. In that time, she has accompanied college touring groups, high school, college and community choirs of all sizes, and both student and professional musicians. Her practical experience has helped shape her music ministry within the local church. It is her desire to push herself and others in the music ministry toward excellence.

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